Alara’s Big Announcement!

Alara would like to make an announcement… she is going to be a BIG SISTER!

Her LITTLE BROTHER is due to arrive February 28, 2016 and she is pretty excited to have a new traveling companion! She always says “baby brother” and points to my belly.

Baby Travel Necessities

We are ready to travel in style with this Graco double stroller we got ridiculously cheap off Target clearance ($99) plus my 15% off registry coupon. It’s a sit and stand stroller, so there’s tons of different usage for it.


Alara has been playing with this stroller since we bought it and set it up. She sits/stands on it and says “baby brother sits right here”. I think she might be a little confused on how he will be arriving since I left to go to the grocery store and she said “bye mommy, go find my baby brother!”

Other than that, we plan on using a lot of items that belonged to Alara such as the infant car seat and infant carrier.

Alara has also been very helpful in picking out things for his new room. Thanks to a friend’s inspiration (Thanks, Molly Babes!), Baby #2 will have a traveling themed nursery.

Travel Themed Baby Nursery

We want to have a little safari theme mixed in as well, perhaps some elephants, lions, giraffes, and zebras. Alara was nice enough to give her rocking zebra to her baby brother and we are excited to start planning his nursery.


Probably my first purchase were these cute framed pictures that I found at a flea market. A part of the reason we love to travel in the first place is our heritage and international family. My husband is Turkish and my family is Portuguese. To say “I love you” in Portuguese is “Eu te amo” or simply “Te amo”. Therefore when I first saw these two signs I couldn’t resist! I think they are perfect. Not to mention $1 each.


Hubby purchased a 3,000 piece (yes, 3,000) puzzle of a 1665 world map that I think would look great framed and hung above the crib. That’s if he ever finishes it before the baby is born 🙂


We saw this in Marshalls and thought it was a great purchase. I love this old map theme and this little storage box will be perfect to hold some diapers and other baby necessities on his dresser.


We also saw this sign in Marshalls and thought it was adorably perfect. “Never Stop Exploring”. We truly hope so.


Lastly, this onesie was a must need! Flight School… Happy Travels.



Happy Travels, indeed.


P.S. Here is the website that originally led to our travel themed idea.



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